How To Make Your Very Own Ice Cream Headache

Yes, that’s pretty much how it gets done.

14 Comments on “How To Make Your Very Own Ice Cream Headache”

  1. Forget the headache, homemade ice cream was always so cold it froze part of your esophagus and you had serious back pain for about 5 minutes.

    THAT sucked.

    Then, you took another bite. ;)

  2. One cure for brain freeze, I’m told: immediately upon occurence, press your tongue against your palate, and that will lessen the effect.

  3. To cut down on fat intake I’ve switched to slushies or Mister Misties. Because of the straw the cold is delivered right to the back of the throat and wowsa is that asking for a brain freeze.

    I’ve found a quick drink of warm liquid can stop the brain freeze, but who sits around with a warm liquid while drinking a cool refreshment?

  4. …maybe it’s because I’m really tired, but I almost spit lemonade all over my keyboard when I saw this.

    It’s the expression on her face… I can’t tell if it’s excitement or trepedation, but it’s hilarious.

  5. If Scott’s cure doesn’t work – if for instance you don’t have a tongue – a glass of warm water nearby will help. That always worked for me.

  6. Isn’t homemade ice cream made for the specific purpose of brain freeze? Why would you want to get rid of it?

  7. Chang,

    Me too. Does everyone skip my posts? Hmmm, if they did then they would not see this post either. It looks like there is no point in asking.

  8. Did you know that ice cream headaches don’t happen to everyone? I was well (well) into adulthood before I found that out. I just assumed it happened to everyone.

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