Daily Archives: August 8, 2006

Crimes of Fanfic

A couple of e-mails have come in recently — whether independently or coordinated, I can’t say — asking me if I had any comment about what seems to be a long-running kerfuffle in the Harry Potter fandom about a particular fanfic author who allegedly plagiarized other works in the construction of her own fanfic story. […]

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Look! Out there in space! Floating like a sheep-branded monolith! It’s the Advance Reader Copy of The Android’s Dream! The cover of the ARC, incidentally, not being the cover of the final book, but actually an inside illustration. I know the ARC is beginning to make the rounds, so it’ll be interesting to find out […]

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Calling all Computer Geeks

I’m looking at the specs for the new Mac Pros, and I need a little help understanding the details. Primarily: a) Are the dual-core 2.66 GHz Intel Xeon processors on the new Mac Pro as fast/powerful as (or faster/more powerful than), say, a Core 2 Duo processor of equivalent speed? b) Does having two dual-core […]

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The Tragedy of Orthodoxy

Mark Helprin, who wrote Winter’s Tale, which is possibly my favorite book ever, is interviewed at length here. It’s an interesting interview, less for the questions (which are pretty standard) but because Helprin is such an odd duck. As the magazine Helprin’s being interviewed in appears to be a right-leaning one, and Helprin himself is […]

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