Wednesday Author Interview: Naomi Kritzer

Over at By The Way I’ve got an interview with Naomi Kritzer, whose terrific “Dead Rivers Trilogy” reaches its conclusion with the release of Freedom’s Sisters. I’ve been a fan of Naomi’s writing for a while now, and I think she’s a neat person, so interviewing her was a lot of fun. Enjoy.

4 Comments on “Wednesday Author Interview: Naomi Kritzer”

  1. Nice interview. I’ve been considering picking up her books just because I have a tenuous Connection to the Author – Naomi’s mom was my theatre history teacher some eleven or twelve years ago – but now I’m interested in them on their own merits. Nonstandard fantasy settings are a rare and lovely thing.

  2. I just got the book myself – and as Naomi and I were discussing at Wiscon, doesn’t the woman on the cover bear a somewhat striking resemblence to a certain Liz who we all might know?


  3. Let me throw in my two cents as well — I just finished the third book in her trilogy a few days ago, having dashed through the first two earlier this year only to discover that the concluding volume wouldn’t be available until late July. (Hmmm, as far as “concluding” goes — I’d bet there would be room for another novel or two in this setting, should Ms Kritzer’s muse so direct her. I know that I’d buy them. Yes, Naomi, that’s a strong hint.)

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