Daily Archives: August 10, 2006

A San Diego Thing

So, I’m going to be in San Diego prior to Worldcon and I’m thinking of perhaps trying to pull off a reading or meet and greet. Those of you in San Diego (or thereabouts): Would there be interest? I’m thinking possibly the evening of the 21st.

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First Chapter of Wings to the Kingdom

Hey! The first chapter of Cherie Priest’s upcoming novel Wings to the Kingdom is up at Apex Science Fiction and Horror. I’ve gotten a sneak at the whole book and I’m here to tell you that if you enjoyed Cherie’s Four and Twenty Blackbirds (and I sure did), this one’s gonna knock your socks off, […]

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Follow-up on Crimes of Fanfic

Lots of very interesting and generally civil discussion coming out in the Crimes of Fanfic thread, for which I am pleased. As some folks have surmised, I did in fact frame the discussion in a particular and confrontational way regarding fanfic and plagiarism, because I was interested in hearing from fanficcers and their readers on […]

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