Daily Archives: August 11, 2006

Three things, 8/11/06

First, a picture of the sunflower in our garden. Because it’s pretty, that’s why: Second, a reminder that tomorrow I’ll be at the Mary Ann Mongan Branch of the Kenton County Public Library, In Covington, KY, from 2pm to 4pm. I’ll be talking about science fiction, possibly reading from one or another of my writings, […]

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International Astronomical Union to the Pluto Haters: Suck It

Man, this is makes me almost ridiculously happy: An international panel has unanimously recommended that Pluto retain its title as a planet, and it may be joined by other undersized objects that revolve around the sun. Yes! Ha! Take that, Rose Center for Earth and Space! You’re wrong! Wrong wrong wrongy wrong wrong! Also, you’re […]

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