Daily Archives: August 14, 2006

A Special Message for Scott “Pluto Hayta” Westerfeld

As many of you may know from this comment thread, Scott Westerfeld, noted author of Peeps and the upcoming The Last Days, while otherwise a perfectly cromulent human, is nevertheless a confirmed Pluto Hayta, dedicated to the proposition that our smallest planet is not, in fact, a planet at all. Well, I told this little […]

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Peapod Classics

Speaking of trusting your publishers to know what they’re doing, over the weekend Small Beer Press sent along to me the three books in their Peapod Classics line, Howard Waldrop’s Howard Who?, Naomi Mitchison’s Travel Light, and Carol Emshwiller’s Carmen Dog, and I found myself inclined to like the books even before I actually, you […]

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Justine on No Control

Justine Larbalestier points to all the things an author has no control over, which is useful information for when, say, you look at a book cover and wonder to yourself what the hell the author was thinking. Justine’s list is pretty much correct (there are a couple other additions to the list in the comment […]

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