Daily Archives: August 16, 2006

If Only I Had Known

According to this thing, the Whatever is worth $501,876.06, based on price AOL paid for the various Weblogs, Inc. properties back in the day. Yes, and if I had vested and sold all my AOL stock in 2000, I would be a millionaire now. Money is fun when it’s imaginary and pointless. Now I’m off. […]

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The latest on the solar system: a proposal for 12 planets, which would reintroduce Ceres as a planet (ha! Take that, history!), albeit as a “dwarf planet,” reclassify Pluto’s moon Charon as a planet, and dub both Pluto and Charon as “Plutons,” to distinguish them from “dwarf planets,” I suppose, although apparently they will be […]

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