If Only I Had Known

According to this thing, the Whatever is worth $501,876.06, based on price AOL paid for the various Weblogs, Inc. properties back in the day. Yes, and if I had vested and sold all my AOL stock in 2000, I would be a millionaire now. Money is fun when it’s imaginary and pointless.

Now I’m off. If I don’t finish this chapter today, I’m going to slit my own goddamn throat. See you tomorrow.

14 Comments on “If Only I Had Known”

  1. Hm… Interesting. I host my father’s blog about his dog Buster, which is worth $564.51, while my blog is worth $0. What’s up with that? I’ve posted daily for two years, he’s posted sporadically since February. I guess dogs are more valuable on the web.

  2. PNH:

    It’s measure per link, and more people link to Making Light than to this site, even if this site receives more visitors.

  3. Holy cow! My LJ is worth nearly $1,700. And it’s just me nattering about my kids to a couple of my friends.

  4. Hee! In January my blog was worth $0, which made me weep, for I have no life.

    I just checked again: $8,468.10.

    I’m getting approximately $1,050/mo increase.


  5. For a much more accurate valuation (and a neat way to waste several hours a day) see blogshares.com
    It’s a fantasy sharemarket with blogs as the companies, but one of the really useful things about it is that you can view your own blog and see who else is linking to it (and what those inbound links are worth.)
    They’ve managed to add just about every blog on the planet, by the way. And if you join you can claim your own blog and do Dastardly Things with the stock.
    I’m not associated with the site, but I do play the game now and then.

  6. Okay, I’m trying to figure out how my blog – which so far as I can tell only about 50 people read – is worth nearly $12,000.


    On a totally different note, Mr. Scalzi – did you manage to hook up with anyone from Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego?

  7. sorry for the necro-ing, but I’ve been reading through the archives:

    Only worth $426,792.24 as of 4:24 pm on 5/18/10……