Whatevr 2.0

I’m pleased to announce that and the Whatever have been acquired by Tribune Media Services in a $1.7 million cash and stock deal. The Whatever will be retooled into a community site, complete with personalized reader diaries with integrated multimedia and filesharing capabilities. This will require the site going dark for the next ten days while we swap out the database and expand bandwidth; the new Whatevr 2.0 (beta) will go live Monday, August 28. I hope you’ll join me and Tribune Media Services for this exciting new stage in the evolution of The Whatever.


No one’s buying the site for $1.7 million, alas; I’m merely stepping away from the Whatever until the 28th to spend time with family and then to spend time with about 5,000 science fiction geeks at LACon IV, where I will be on a ridiculous number of panels and will have to attend some sort of ceremony regarding some awards I doubt anyone’s ever heard of.

You decide which of these two stories is more believable.

In the meantime, for those of you who are coming to LACon IV, please note that my reading will be on Thursday, August 24 at 4pm. I will be reading either one of two things: Either the infamous first chapter of the upcoming The Android’s Dream, or the first chapter of The Last Colony, the third and for now final installment in the Old Man series. Either way, you don’t want to miss it, and I don’t want to blather on to an empty room. Please come, won’t you?

I don’t plan on spending any amount of time here between now and the 28th, although I’ll probably check in to delete spam comments, because spam sucks. I may post an open thread entry or two during that time, but don’t count on it. If you postively can’t live without me, I’ll be posting a couple of entries a day over at By The Way, because they pay me to. But basically, you’re on your own until the 28th (and possibly the 29th, if I’m feeling lazy). Find something to do, people. I hear Yahtzee’s a lot of fun.

Seriously, enjoy yourself for the next ten days. I will. And for those of you coming to LACon IV: See you there. Hopefully at the reading.

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