Look What I Got

Hi, I’m John Scalzi, and I’m the winner of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

Exciting night. Now it’s late and I’m very tired, and I’m going to sleep. But I thought you’d all like to know.

See you all on Monday.

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  1. Congratulations, John!

    I recently found a copy of “Old Man’s War” at a local B&N. I haven’t had a chance to read it, yet, but it’s definitely moving higher up on my priority list!

  2. Congrats, John. You would have been my vote for the award, hands down. Of course, it helps not having read any of the other authors who were nominated.

  3. olddog299 – Short, fat, ugly troll seeks bridge to haunt and folks needing molesting of the mind. Beware climate change as the Orcs are again ascendant.

    My hearty congratulations to you. And how cool was it to have Krissy (and Athena?) along to witness this triumph, eh? That’s pretty impressive, no doubt about it.

    Thirty years from now, I’ll be able to look back in the archives (from the mind over matter interface installed just before they put me into cryo-stasis) and remember this night.

    Too cool.

  4. Awwww! As soon as you got back to your hotel room, you propped it up near the door and took its picture.

    Congratulations, John!

  5. Gratz, John! Now you have something tangible to point to if a certain pirate of our acquaintance ever again asks “So dude– like how many people signed aboard yer literary revolution today?”

  6. Congratulations! Glad to hear that you’ve finally gotten the book writing thing down well enough to get a new writer award, after what, your fifth book?
    I’m sure it’s the first of many!

  7. Congrats!

    In honor of you winning, and because I work there, I’m crediting your eMusic account for 65 downloads. You missed downloading over a few months, and the tracks don’t accumulate. We’re allowed to credit a month’s missed downloads for customers on a one time basis, and I figured hey, why not.

  8. Neil Clarke – Stirling, NJ – Neil Clarke is the editor of the Hugo Award-winning magazine, Clarkesworld. He currently lives in NJ with his wife and two children.
    Neil Clarke

    Congratulations! That’s great news.

  9. Woohoo — congratulations! Now, I know from Kris Smith that you can easily attach a chain to the back of the plaque and wear it around your neck if you like…

  10. Congratulations!

    Back in the early days of the Campbell, George RR Martin edited a series of anthologies with stories by the other nominees. I think since in some ways your fiction is a tribute to classic SF, you’re pretty much obligated to restart this particular tradition and all the voices in my head agree.

  11. John — congratulations. So very glad to hear.

    Everyone else: If you’re interested, full results are here, and I found a flicker set you might enjoy here. John, that is some crown.

    Again, congrats to the John W. Campbell award-winning, Hugo-nominated John Scalzi.

  12. Pirates! Oh, does that take me back! “How many people have you
    ever attempted to lend the consoling voice of Truth too in this world made dim by the money-hungry morally-indifferent corporate liberals?” Avast!

    Way to go, Scalzi!

  13. Yays!
    If this were an LJ entry, I’d use my happy flailing Kermit icon. But since it is not, you merely get textual, non-animated congrats :)

  14. I saw your name on the list this morning and thought, hey, I sorta kinda know that guy, I remember when he was just starting the book! Big congrats from a long ago sometime correspondent!

  15. Burns! – LA. Not Louisiana. Los Angeles. – More fun than anyone I know. Probably more than anyone you know, too.

    Congratulations, John. Well deserved.

    It would seem that now people will want to touch me for the famous people I know.

  16. rishathra – I'm in my late 40s, reside in Queens, NY, and root for both NY baseball teams (yes, that's possible!). I do presentation graphics for a living, have two kids and one SO, and am owned by several cats. If it has strings and no hammers or keys I'll play it (no guarantees on quality). And I filk. Now let's talk.
    Bruce Adelsohn

    Congratulations, it’s well-deserved!

  17. Fantabulous. That gives you enough experience points to make it to a Level 4 Writer, right? So now you’re able to cast level 2 allusions and get two attacks per round on half hit-dice critics. :)

    And you still have that new writer smell to boot. Congrats, John.

  18. Woohoo! I was hoping you would get it. I think it was well deserved too. Part of me now wants to go na-na-boo-boo to all those that wrote reviews about you only writing knock-offs.

  19. Congratulations!!

    Now hopefully they’ll start shipping your books to the Borders here in Adelaide, Australia :)

  20. Great news! But what the hell was that on your head in the pic at Kathryn Cramer’s blog? Something your lovely daughter made for you, I assume?


  21. Congratulations! Your speech, in which you urged the Hugo audience to go buy all the other nominees’ books, was very classy.

  22. Congrats! Was hoping to see you get the Hugo, too, but I’m glad to see you got some recognition for your work. Keep up the good work!

  23. Yay, you! Now you can start working on bagging the other Hugo awards, category by category. Congrats!

    Say, though, wasn’t there a chapter you were supposed to finish?


    though I always thought that sci fi awards should have like hologram projections, or laser light robots attached to them.

    mahogany and ivory is so non-sci-fi. I think we need a field of research that will allow sci-fi awards to be made of some rare metal that is only used for scientific purposes, and can destroy large urban area’s. That would be an award fitting for Sci-fi.

    Although, truthers be told, I would kill for the priveledge of an award that is only awarded once a year. It could be made of pig intestines, and embossed with dog poo, and it’s still a beautiful beautiful thing to own, to hold, and especialy, to have earned.

    I don’t doubt that you earned it, loved OMW, and haven’t gotten around to “Ghost Brigades” yet, only cuz I wanna dedicate much of a day to reading it in whole.

    Good for you hoss, and once again, Whee Yay Whee.

  25. what the hell was that on your head in the pic at Kathryn Cramer’s blog?

    Isn’t that the special mating headdress worn by Lieutenant Ilia in Star Trek: The Motion Picture?

  26. Congratulations Mr. Scalzi. I have recently read OMW and thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so that I paid my wife $20 to read it (she’s not the SF type). In retrospect, she read the book so fast and enjoyed it so much I could have saved the $$.

    So here’s to your successful career with, hopefully, many more books to come for us to enjoy. And here’s to me saving some money!

  27. Congratulations!

    A toast to Mr. Scalzi, all of the other winners, and all of the nominees!

    [taps glass against monitor] *tink*

  28. Congratulations. And despite some rain, there was a picture-perfect sunset over southwestern Ohio last night!

  29. Congratulations John! And to think they called us generation X. Looking forward to reading The Last Colony and The Android’s Dream.

  30. John, I finally got around to visiting your site after reading OMW and TGB. Serious congrats on the award, amigo! The words “well deserved” seems horribly inadequate.
    I think I read something about a final book for the OMW series here. All I can say is that Ray Feist had a great run with Midkemia and his Rift War series across a generational story line. If you choose not to venture there again, I hope you’ll let other writers visit the OMW universe akin to the Man-Kzin Wars.
    Please don’t hold it against me if I love your work. ;)

  31. It seems kinda funny to think of you as a “new writer” after the other books and the ur-blog…Many congratulations, John! And hey, someone I voted for actually WON this time…

  32. Carol Elaine – Spend my days being creative with acting stuff & cleaning up after animals for money. Spend my evenings cleaning cat puke for free. 'Tis a glamorous life.
    Carol Elaine

    Ooh, so shiny and pretty!

    Congrats, John! An award well deserved!

    Now I’ve got to read me some Ghost Brigades

  33. One more set of congratulations from this corner.

  34. That thing on his head was the brand-new Campbell Award tiara, and while I haven’t seen the picture, it looked damn good on him in person.

    Congratulations, Scalzi!

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