Daily Archives: August 29, 2006

Something for Future Hugo Finalists to Consider

I’m looking at the vote tallies for the Best Novel Hugo, and it turns out that Old Man’s War placed third on the final tally. Second place was Charlie Stross’ Accelerando, and first, of course, was Robert Charles Wilson’s Spin. Question: Is it coincidence that the novels that took win, place and show for the […]

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Apropos of Nothing in Particular

Me (to Krissy): Hey, sweetheart, what would you do if someone decided to try to grope you in public? Krissy: I think it depends. Me: On what? Krissy: Well, the pinky is the easiest finger to break, but breaking someone’s thumb hurts them more. Me: There’s a broken finger involved in any event, though. Krissy: […]

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Blast From the Past

CBC Journalist Joe Mahoney has unearthed an interview I did with him at Torcon 3 — my first science fiction convention! — and put it online here. I note it for its anthropological interest. Looking back over a gulf of three years almost exactly, it’s interesting to hear how tentative I was in associating myself […]

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Back to School 2006

Athena’s gone back to school today. School officially started yesterday, but we had to write her a note (“Please excuse Athena for missing the first day of school. She was at Disneyland”). And to top things off, as this video shows (for those of you with RSS feeds, he says), she has a few complaints […]

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

This is the view from the stage where the Hugos and the Campbell were given out — before the ceremony, of course (there were more people in the final audience than Laurie Mann and some motion-blurred guy). I took this picture during the rehersal portion of the day; the ceremony producers wanted to walk us […]

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