Coffee Shop; Soliciting Subterranean Magazine Comments


I’ve been so busy that I’ve quite forgotten to show you my cool new toy: The ARC for Coffee Shop (Subterranean Press | Amazon), which Bill Schafer at Subterranean was kind enough to forward to me while I was at Worldcon, so I could wander about casually and show if off to people. Which I did. I’m happy to say it looks pretty good, and having the publication date moved back to February gives us some time to get it out to blurbers and reviewers. I’ll be very interested to see what the reaction is to this one.

Speaking of reviews, Colleen Mondor wrote a very nice review of Subterranean Magazine #4 (that’s the one I edited) over at her site Chasing Ray. I particularly liked this part:

I was expecting a lot of silliness and maybe some snarkiness but all my offbase preconceived notions were thrown out the window with the issue’s first story, Rachel Swirsky’s “Scene From a Dsytopia”. This is Swirsky’s first published story and man did she hit it out of the ballpark. By picking up the tiniest background characters of a story and then expanding on why they might really be in that story it immediately brought to mind every single one of those damn “Star Trek” episodes where the unnamed crewmember died in the first five minutes. Swirsky’s piece is way more indepth then that – it’s stunning – and much more serious. So I knew, from the very beginning, that this issue was not at all like what I expected.

Yup. And indeed, that’s one of the reasons why I put Rachel’s piece up front; to let people know it wasn’t going to be all smirk, all the time (also because it’s simply a hell of piece of writing). I was proud of this magazine when it came out and am becoming increasingly so, not in the least because Bill tells me that the magazine sold out its entire print run, which is neat because it was the magazine’s largest print run. So if you got a copy, thank you kindly. I’m terribly happy about its being successful.

Also, if you did get a copy of the Subterranean Cliche issue, both Bill and I would be very happy to hear honest feedback on it; what you thought worked and didn’t work and so on. You can leave a message in the comment queue here or drop me an e-mail. Or if you posted a review on your own blog/journal (or now plan to), leave me a link so I can find it. I would be appreciative, and it’ll help Bill with his planning for Subterranean Magazine in the future.

To make sure you folks don’t feel constrained in your review/comments, I won’t be posting in this message thread, and I ask that the magazine contributors keep themselves from commenting as well.

Thanks in advance.

If I Ever Teach College Students…

… My own version of this would likely be the first handout. And then I imagine that my second class would have half the students of the first. Which would be fine.

The only thing I would add to it would be the notation that should a parent call or e-mail me to complain that I’m being unfair to their darling child, my response will be to knock a half-grade off the student’s overall grade. Because if I’m going to be labeled as unfair, I might as well live up to the title.

But I don’t imagine anyone would let me near a college classroom, since publishing eight books in six years and working as a full-time writer for fifteen is not nearly the equivalent of an MFA. Ah, well.