In Other News, Spin Won The Best Novel Hugo This Year

As long as we’re all going to do the “science fiction writers outraged on behalf of other science fiction writers” thing, allow me to say, briefly, that one of the worst things about the recent contrempts regarding a certain science fiction writer being a public jackass at the Hugo ceremony is that it’s taken the spotlight off the person who ought still be in the spotlight, namely, Robert Charles Wilson, whose Hugo win for Spin was both well-deserved and (in my opinion) overdue, and who as a writer and notable SF figure deserves as much praise as a certain other SF writer is currently collecting scorn and outrage.

I don’t want to dissuade those of you who are on the warpath against this certain other SF writer from marching forward; do as you will. But inasmuch as the SF fan mass mind has picked Spin and Robert Charles Wilson as its public face for the next year, and rightly so, won’t you consider taking a least a tenth of the time and blog space you’ve devoted to smacking around this other fellow to noting to your friends, SF fans and non-SF fans alike, the excellent qualities of this most recent Hugo-winning novel and the man who wrote it? Does Spin not represent the thoughtful, intelligent, optimistically human-centered sort of book that we ought to be celebrating, and pressing into the hands of people who don’t think there’s anything about SF they would like? Is this not the right book and the right author, right now? Is it not worth talking about what this book’s ascent into Hugo-winning status says about where our community is today?

To my mind, Spin is the big story of the 64th Worldcon, and I wish we were spending just a little bit more time celebrating it and its author. I’m not criticizing people for talking up that other thing — it’s worth talking about. But Spin is certainly worth talking about more than we have so far. It’s the Hugo winner, and it deserves more and better comment than I’ve seen it getting to date. Robert Charles Wilson, so far as I know, has been nothing but gracious and happily dazed regarding his award, and I suspect hasn’t even thought to complain, because why would he — he just won the Hugo. But as I said, as long as we’re going to be outraged on behalf of other SF writers, allow me to be, if not outraged, at least more than a little annoyed on his behalf. I’d like some more attention focused on his accomplishment, please.

A Minor Domestic Incident, As Related By Krissy

“Well, it all started when Athena wanted a piece of cheese. So I got the block of colby jack from the fridge, put it on the cheeseboard, and started slicing.”

“Then, as I was slicing myself a piece, it occured to me — hey, this isn’t my usual cheeseboard.”

“So I picked it up to look at the back –”


“This never would have happened with a Hugo.”

On Mail

After only about a week, I think I’ve finally caught up on all the mail I let sit fallow while I was on vacation. So: If you sent me mail any time between the 19th of August and now, and I did not respond to you, it’s very possible your mail was lost in the avalanche of mail and/or swallowed by my spam filter and/or accidentally deleted by me because I’m a moron. I apologize, and please do feel free to resend.