Daily Archives: September 2, 2006

In Other News, Spin Won The Best Novel Hugo This Year

As long as we’re all going to do the “science fiction writers outraged on behalf of other science fiction writers” thing, allow me to say, briefly, that one of the worst things about the recent contrempts regarding a certain science fiction writer being a public jackass at the Hugo ceremony is that it’s taken the […]

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A Minor Domestic Incident, As Related By Krissy

“Well, it all started when Athena wanted a piece of cheese. So I got the block of colby jack from the fridge, put it on the cheeseboard, and started slicing.” “Then, as I was slicing myself a piece, it occured to me — hey, this isn’t my usual cheeseboard.” “So I picked it up to […]

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On Mail

After only about a week, I think I’ve finally caught up on all the mail I let sit fallow while I was on vacation. So: If you sent me mail any time between the 19th of August and now, and I did not respond to you, it’s very possible your mail was lost in the […]

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