Daily Archives: September 3, 2006

Sunset 09/03/06

It’s been a month since I’ve posted a sunset picture here. And that’s just sick. So: Good night!

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Promoting the Cause of the Campbell (Tiara)

The Dayton Daily News ran a big full-page story on my Campbell win today, which was awfully nice, I thought. Even more cool is that they used (with permission, of course) Keith Stokes’ fine picture of me at the award podium, wearing the Campbell Tiara. The caption of the picture even reads “John Scalzi, wearing […]

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Some SFWA Inside Pool

For those Whatever readers who are also members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Association of America (SFWA for short), SFWA member Derryl Murphy is doing an informal poll of members, asking: “What Should SFWA Do For Me?” (“Me” in this case being “you,” not me, John Scalzi (or me, Derryl Murphy)). If you’re […]

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Looking Back on “Being Poor”

A year ago today I wrote the “Being Poor” piece, which I suspect in the interim has become the single most widely-read piece of writing I’ve ever done. To which I say: Good. It was extremely difficult for me to write, because of its subject matter and because so much of it is taken from […]

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