Promoting the Cause of the Campbell (Tiara)


The Dayton Daily News ran a big full-page story on my Campbell win today, which was awfully nice, I thought. Even more cool is that they used (with permission, of course) Keith Stokes’ fine picture of me at the award podium, wearing the Campbell Tiara. The caption of the picture even reads “John Scalzi, wearing the Campbell Tiara, given to winners of the award at the ceremony.” Jay Lake and Elizabeth Bear, you can be proud that your Campbell regalia scheme is paying off. Instant traditionosity has been acheived.

19 Comments on “Promoting the Cause of the Campbell (Tiara)”

  1. You look so benevolent. Like the dictator you would never become because it would require more work than you’re prepared to do ;-) Belated congratulations on the Campbell, by the way. You have every right to be beaming and I happily bask in your reflected glory.

  2. John, you’re lovely, it was very nice of the Dayton paper to give you such lovely coverage, your cheeseboardaward is lovely.


    How much longer am I going to have to wait for TLC with you goofing around like this?

  3. Yeah, but I wrote one of them yesterday and postdated it (which leaves unanswered the question of what I was doing with all my time yesterday. But sush!).

  4. Dear Mild-Mannered Emperor Of Mars:

    It looks better on you than it does on me.

    Love, Demented Elf Prince

  5. Congratulations, John! Publicity rocks!

    I’m actually pleased you’re posting and working at the same time. I’m usually jonesing for some whatever-age by Sunday so thes eposts came as a nice surprise.

    Seriously, man, when is TLC gonna be done? I’m gonna be done with OMW and TGB in like a week or so. For the second time.

  6. Need some help? I find coffee does the trick. Even though my accupuncturist says I shouldn’t drink it. But does she have 4 novels and 3 short stories to finish before she’s forty? Uh, that’s a hell to the no.

  7. The tiara is now on my dresser, awaiting some more formal form of stowage for its emergence into the limelight once more next year, somewhat to the puzzlement of my cats. It looked better on you, dude.

  8. The story’s no available on the the Web site (at least, it wasn’t this morning when I checked).

    Anyway, Kelsey, you’re in the neighborhood: Buy a copy!

  9. I don’t suppose there is a link to an online or text version of that thar article? I went to the Dayton Daily News site trying to find one, but failed. (Also, while their news paper evidently has a books section, the website has no place for book reviews, or not that I could find easily. A bit of a bummer.)