Sunset 09/03/06

It’s been a month since I’ve posted a sunset picture here. And that’s just sick. So:


Good night!

11 Comments on “Sunset 09/03/06”

  1. Dang. Nice picture. You take that yourself?

    I lived in Green Bay for a most of a year, and I remember seeing sunsets like that all the time.

  2. I saw the most amazing sunset yesterday and selfishly didn’t take a picutre so I could keep the memory all to myself.

    Yes, I do regret it. Yo soy loser.

    Thanks for sharing yours, John.

  3. Slap a little type on that photo and you’ve got a cover that would make me investigate the book!

  4. wow. Nice shot.

    It’s really been one of those “gorgeous sky days,” hasn’t it? I’m just across the Indiana border from Dayton, and I pretty much spent half of today staring at sky.

  5. That may be your best sunset picture yet. Do you suppose the amount of dust in the atmosphere was affected by your Campbell win? Or does everything just look better? (Sincere congratulatinos, by the way.)

  6. Yes, so much ego is emanating from me that it’s hazing up the atmosphere. Don’t worry though. My wife is giving me a couple more days of this and then she’ll whack me back to reality.

  7. Tell her not to whack you with the cheeseboard for another week or so yet. The haze is well-deserved and yields really attractive sunsets. (And who knows, maybe it will waft you through your extended deadline.) It’s exceptionally good to hear someone be so happy. There’s a heavy grump-factor in the world these days.

  8. God, that’s gorgeous. I hope you’ll keep that picture handy as a reply for the next time anyone gives you crap about living out in a cornfield.

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