Signed Editions of OMW & TGB, With Free (US) Shipping!

A bit of self-pimpery here:

If you’ve been hankering for a signed copy of Old Man’s War or The Ghost Brigades but have despaired that my “hiding out in rural America” ways will keep your dreams forever unfulfilled, or something like that, there’s good news! The superultramegafabulous folks at Borderlands Books have a bunch of signed copies of both Old Man’s War (in trade paperback) and The Ghost Brigades (in hardcover) ready to sell you — and if you buy them in the month of September (that’s now!) Borderlands will cover the shipping costs within the US. These are books I signed at Worldcon this year, so they are filled with my Campbell Award-winning squee. And you know how you love that.

If you’re interested in getting one of these signed editions from Borderlands Books, here’s what you do: Send them an e-mail at and write “Scalzi said to ask you about the signed editions. And also about the monkey.” The first part will get you information about the price and availability of the books; the second part will merely confuse them, because there was no monkey. At least, not one that was caught on camera. That was just a fan in a monkey suit. Ask the forensics people. They’ll tell you.

The monkey says I should stop talking about him now.

Seriously, Borderlands is one of my favorite bookstores, so I’m really happy to point you guys to them for these signed copies. Buy other stuff from them too. Because, you know. You want to. Deep in your heart. Yes, it told me. We talk, your heart and I. It says “Buy books from Borderlands. Call your high-school sweetheart. And ease up on the bacon.” Now you know.

Also, supplies really are limited, so if you want one of these signed copies of OMW or TGB, sooner would be better than later. I’m just saying.

Thus ends the self-pimpery. I thank you. The monkey thanks you.

11 Comments on “Signed Editions of OMW & TGB, With Free (US) Shipping!”

  1. I thought evil monkey only haunted Jeff Vandermeer? And dropping squee in one’s lap when opening a book, especially old squee, just doesn’t sound like fun to me.

  2. One, it’s not the same monkey; two, I have it on good authority that monkey is not really evil, merely snarky.

    Old squee is the best kind of squee there is. It’s ripened. Like a good cheese.

  3. Didn’t I say I could not longer speak about the monkey? Are you trying to get me in trouble?

  4. If you’re going for a threatening member of the animal kingdom, stingrays got it all over monkeys these days.

    Poo-flinger vs barbed stinger of death. Your call.

  5. cover the shipping costs within the US

    Hmm, checks locale. Yup, still not in the US. I’ll stick to buying locally, US editions make my pedant instincts go into overdrive ;-)

  6. If you’re going for a threatening member of the animal kingdom, stingrays got it all over monkeys these days.

    You’ve seen baboons up close, right? You know their ancestors dragged our ancestors into the bush and ate them.

  7. Ok, but a stingray is what took out my favorite animal kingdom expert, Steve “Croc Hunter” Irwin. I really thought he was invincible… or at least that it would be a croc or snake that took him out…

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