Open Thread: “Facts”

I’m busy writing other things today, so I can’t play around here. So here, have an open thread.

Suggested theme: “Facts.” It’s in quotes there for a reason.

Some examples:

1. The English words “Butter,” “Buttress” and “Button” all have the same etymological root.

2. The ancient Hittites believed that the center of intelligence in the human body was the liver, and that the primary role of the brain was to cool the blood. Modern descendants of the Hittites, who live in Turkey, still feed their children cow livers before school tests.

3. The world record for tongue-typing — typing on a standard computer keyboard using only one’s tongue — is 22 words per minute and held by Barbara Chalmers of Utica, New York. Mrs. Chalmers was also the world record holder for most consecutive cherry stems tied in a knot with a tongue (410 in a row), until that record was shattered by Kevin Gunton of Santa Barbara, California, who knotted 646 cherry stems in a row with his tongue before failing to tie the 647th.

4. New research suggests that the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden was neither an apple nor a fig, but a variety of bael cultivated in western India.

You get the idea. Add your own!