Daily Archives: September 8, 2006

Things That Ought Really Not Have to Have Been Said in a Congressional Hearing, Yet Alas Had to Be

“I’m not aware of any situation in the world where there is a system of jurisprudence that is recognized by civilized people where an individual can be tried and convicted without seeing the evidence against him,” said Brig. Gen. James Walker, U.S. Marine Corps staff judge advocate. “I don’t think the United States needs to […]

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September/October Appearances

Because stalkers deserve first-hand information. * This Sunday (that’s 9/10/06) I’ll be at the Kerrytown Book Fest in Ann Arbor, to participate on a panel on science fiction with Toby Buckell, Sarah Zettel and Anne Harris. The panel starts at 1:15 in the main speakers tent. I think there may be a book signing afterward […]

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