September/October Appearances

Because stalkers deserve first-hand information.

* This Sunday (that’s 9/10/06) I’ll be at the Kerrytown Book Fest in Ann Arbor, to participate on a panel on science fiction with Toby Buckell, Sarah Zettel and Anne Harris. The panel starts at 1:15 in the main speakers tent. I think there may be a book signing afterward or something; honestly, I’m not entirely sure. I suspect I should find out. But even if there’s not and you want me to sign a book, just track me down; I’ll be happy to.

* September 14-17 (or some portion therein), I’ll be in Denver for the Mountains & Plains Booksellers Association Trade Show. There I will be signing books and generally schmoozing. It’s a trade show, though, so unless you’re a MPBA member (or an exhibitor), you won’t see me. Unless you use advanced stalking techniques. But I think I have most of those people under restraining order.

* Word up to all my central Ohio peeps, yo: First, I apologize for attempting slang. Second, on September 20 at 7pm, I’ll be making an appearance at the Marion Public Library to where, I imagine, I will blather about writing and science fiction and why hemp is our future, man. All right, maybe not so much that last one. This is the closest I’ll be getting to the Columbus area this year, I think.

* October 6-8 I’ll be in the Bay Area for the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association trade show, where once again I’ll be doing the “sign and schmooze,” this time for the wonderful booksellers of my native state. Once again if you’re not a member of the NCIBA, you’re unlikely to see me there — BUT there is a very good chance I will do some sort of public appearance, and if I do, it’ll most likely be at Borderlands Books (who — remember — are currently selling signed copies of OMW and TGB with free shipping through September! The monkey likes!). Whether I do a public appearance is largely dependent on my trade show schedule; as soon as I have all that hammered down I will let you all know.

* October 20-22 I’ll be at Capclave, the science fiction convention in Silver Spring, Maryland (that’s right outside of Washington DC, for those of you who do not know the area). I have no schedule for panels/readings/interpretive dance exhibitions for there yet, but I’m sure I will. Again, more updates as circumstances warrant.

That’s all the appearances I currently have scheduled for 2006, actually. I may do some local bookstore appearances when Android’s Dream comes out, and I sorta really want to go to Philcon, mostly to hang out with/harrass Charlie Stross, who is the guest of honor this year. But whether I can matters largely on financials which are not entirely clear at the moment. I have a lot of fun at conventions, but if you go to more than a couple a year, they start costing, well, a lot. Yes, it’s cheaper than blow, and less likely to make you paranoid, or to give you a deviated septum. Even so, it’s not cheap. So we’ll have to see.

The rest of the time I’ll stay in my office with my hand sanitizer and Kleenex boxes on my feet. As you do.

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  1. Blow makes one paranoid?

    Hmmmmmm. I wonder if this explains some of the extreme fear or terrorists that some people exhibit?

  2. No Atlanta dates? When are you going to grace us in the South with your presence? Are are you worried about lynching for those anti-confederacy articles? ;-)

  3. Strange being an Ohio writer, but having few showings in Ohio. Damn, guess I’ll have to track you down at the grocery to talk about the climax of GB being offstage. :)

  4. Capclave – GREAT! I might actually have time to see you on a panel for a change!

    If you plan to drive down, and you want a place to crash about midway along, just scream. We’re within about 20 miles of Route 70. We have a lovely guest room. It’s quiet. No cats. It has its own bathroom. And wireless… ;->

  5. Sigh, the closest you get to me is the Bay, and I can’t make that (something about the Army wanting my ass on duty that weekend).

    When your at Capclave, if you want to try a mediteranean restaurant, Levatine, on DuPont Circle (I forget which of the radial streets it’s on, but it’s across from a cinema, and right near the apex) is very good.

    The dill and feta, rolled in phyllo are worth the trip, if nothing else.

  6. Yes, please head over to Borderlands. I’d like to get my OMW signed. (I think my copy of Agent to the Stars is, right? They came that way, right? My brain is refusing to divulge that information right now, and I’m at work so I can’t check my bookshelves.)

  7. Good thing it’s not Saturday. Michigan plays at home again and with all the construction on Stadium and 94, traffic is Gordian at times.

    Of course, the event organizers likely picked Sunday for just that reason. :-)

    Will definitely try to make it. Haven’t seen Toby in a long time.

  8. Oh, crap, I completely forgot about football traffic (I’m driving in Saturday).

    Guess I’ll bring a book to read in the car.

  9. 1) Ann Arbor traffic on football Saturdays is not all that bad save in the immediate vicinity of Michigan Stadium.2) Go to Zingerman’s Deli if you are in the Kerrytown area. It is the greatest deli west of the Hudson.

  10. Alkali’s right for the most part. I’ve the pleasure of living less than 2 miles from the stadium.

    There are windows where the traffic shouldn’t bite too much. So depending on where you’re coming from and when, you might be OK. Book to read will help for the odd moments when traffic grinds to a halt.

  11. Driving in Ann Arbor is OK during the game, its before and after that you have problems.

    Plan to arrive after the kickoff.

  12. So what would those advanced stalking techniques be for the Denver gig? Not that I live in Denver and want to use them I just want to confirm them for my up coming web log tentively titled “Stalking ‘New’ SF Writers with Awards from Ohio.”

  13. Since I’m from Denver I can give you a couple hints on the first things that came to my mind:
    – Stake out the Hilton where it’s located to catch him coming or going. (You may need a friend to help out if there’s a celebrity entrance.)
    – Pretend you own a really small, obscure bookstore and join MPBA.
    – Get a local bookstore to offer a public booksigning on the same trip.

    I’ll see what I can do about the last of these, John.

  14. A couple more:
    – Go to area hotels and ask for John. You might be more successful if you wear a dark suit, dark glasses, and flash a fake ID. Contrary to your first impulse, do not say he is a “dangerous fugitive” as this will force John to be on the run and it will be more difficult to stalk him.
    – Kidnap a MPBA member’s kitty, then “rescue” the beloved pet, claiming you found him/her. In subsequent conversation, get them to invite you to the trade show.

    (I hope the Advanced Stalkers Union doesn’t have rules like magicians do.)

  15. No closer to northeastern Ohio?


    How can my local library contact you to get you up here?

  16. Yeah, but you represent it.

    I’m supposedly writing a fantasy novella for next year. Maybe I’ll go then!

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