It appears Fark.com is linking to the entry in which I have taped bacon to my cat. I’ve called my host provider to warn them. They seem confident that their series of tubes will be able to handle the madness. I suppose we shall see. In any event, if this site suddenly becomes difficult to access, now you know why.

Clearly You People Thought I Was Kidding

Well, who’s laughing now?


And now, an actual phone call:

Me (to Krissy): So, would you mind if I tape bacon to the cat?

Krissy: That’s a fairly interesting question. What’s the purpose here?

Me: I put taping bacon to the cat on a list of things I said I was going to do today and people seemed to be skeptical.

Krissy: You said you were going to tape bacon to the cat on the Whatever.

Me: Yeah.

Krissy (audible sigh): Since you are going to do it, and take a picture of it, all I ask is that you take the bacon off right after. All right?

Me: Okay.

Krissy: You’re a strange, strange, strange man.


One Man’s Agenda

Things to do today:

1. Try to answer all my damn e-mail, some of which actually is from people who have sent/are sending/will send me money, and thus should have some priority.

2. Resend the author interview questions from two weeks ago to Jo Walton, because continuing not to do so is a further testament of how much I totally suck.

3. Make minor amends to Jo Walton by noting to you all how much her latest book Farthing well and truly rocks: It’s the best alternate-history parlor murder mystery you will read in this year, an enjoyably chewy fun read with a hard, frightening and all-too-close-to-reality core. Damn well deserves to be nominated for something.

4. Also note that The Last Days, Scott Westerfeld’s latest foray into the vampire teenage wastelands, has been out for a week and that I suck for not pimping it earlier. Get it for the alienated teenagers you know, including the one which resides in your soul. Yes, I know you’ve got one in there. I sense it sneering at me even now.

5. Fight crime.

6. Enjoy some cheese.

7. Actually take a look at my trip itinerary for Denver, since I do believe I’m expected to do things other than fight crime and enjoy cheese while I’m there.

8. Shower. I’ve cultivated my manly author stench long enough.

9. Tape bacon to the cat.

10. Maybe write some of the book.

If you have any other ideas as to what I might choose to do with the day, I’m open to suggestion.