Daily Archives: September 13, 2006


It appears Fark.com is linking to the entry in which I have taped bacon to my cat. I’ve called my host provider to warn them. They seem confident that their series of tubes will be able to handle the madness. I suppose we shall see. In any event, if this site suddenly becomes difficult to […]

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Clearly You People Thought I Was Kidding

Well, who’s laughing now? And now, an actual phone call: Me (to Krissy): So, would you mind if I tape bacon to the cat? Krissy: That’s a fairly interesting question. What’s the purpose here? Me: I put taping bacon to the cat on a list of things I said I was going to do today […]

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One Man’s Agenda

Things to do today: 1. Try to answer all my damn e-mail, some of which actually is from people who have sent/are sending/will send me money, and thus should have some priority. 2. Resend the author interview questions from two weeks ago to Jo Walton, because continuing not to do so is a further testament […]

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