It appears Fark.com is linking to the entry in which I have taped bacon to my cat. I’ve called my host provider to warn them. They seem confident that their series of tubes will be able to handle the madness. I suppose we shall see. In any event, if this site suddenly becomes difficult to access, now you know why.

33 Comments on “Farked”

  1. Someone hotlinked the picture of Bat-wielding Krissy on there, too.

    Your wife and cat have achieved major internet fame.

    How proud you must feel.

  2. Geez! First Krissy, then bacon-on-cats – is there anything you can post about that won’t get the intarwebz all up in arms?

  3. Farkers have clicked on the above link 9077 times
    @ 1 pm CST

    Impressive, Your Host is holding up nicely. You should send THEM a fruit basket.

  4. Farkers have clicked on the above link 13251 times
    as of 3:27 p.m. CST.

    Alas, we shall be deprived of TLC for an indefinite period…

  5. Yeah, yeah, you’re writing, really. When you’re not distracted by your wife, Morgan (Krissy) Fairchild, WHOM you’ve seen naked…yeah, that’s the ticket!!


  6. If the site suddenly becomes difficult to access, how are people going to be able to read your warning about the site becoming difficult to access? Well, I guess you used “becomes” instead of “became,” so it’s a possible future action you’re refering to…

    I tried using html tags for style once, but people didn’t understand that my clothes were both bold and italicized that day.

  7. Greetings from a random Farkette. My cat wishes to send his condolences to your cat, after giving me a look that very plainly said, “Try it, and I’ll shred all your handknits and bury your computer game disks in the litterbox. I’m not kidding.”

    Might wanna keep an eye out on your cat, if he’s as vindictive as mine! ;-)

  8. Man… I thought I held the time wasting crown for my conversations with toads. Taping bacon to the cat? I can’t compete… I just can’t.

  9. John “A wrtier” Scalzi wrote: No, no. I’m writing. Really.

    Yes, that’s what I say to my wife… when I’m reading the Whatever.

  10. Hey, being linked to FARK ain’t such a bad thing, you know? I just ordered your “Old Man’s War” on Amazon. If it turns out to be as great as the reviews say it is, I’ll most likely order the next in the series. Kudos to your unintentional marketing skillzz. :)

  11. Hey, I said it in the comments to your to-do list: tape bacon to your cat, get nothing else done that day.

    But it was good for a laugh.


  12. Great…now you’ll see *all* the genre writers taping uncooked food items to their domestic animals in hopes of free Fark-esque publicity. Betcha we’ll see Tom Clancy duct-taping raw salmon to a ferret within a week.

  13. I am suprised you aren’t pimping your book(s) out on the page linked from FARK. Free publicity and all. Farkers have clicked on the above link 30705 times as of 11:00 PM CST.

  14. The reason I’m not is because it would be kind of dickish to turn that page into a big fat ad — people clicked in to see bacon-wrapped cats, not book ads. Pissing people off is not a way to sell books. And anyway, the books are selling fine.

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