A Lesson on Teh Intarweebs

Inasmuch as the traffic from Fark alone was 150+% of this site’s daily average, it’s safe to say that yesterday the Whatever had far and away its busiest day ever. All thanks to my idiotic work avoidance maneuver of sticking breakfast meat on the pelt of my companion animal. To commemorate the lessons that can be gleaned from this little event, allow me to present the following motivational poster:

Yup, that pretty much sums it up. And yes, it probably applies to me, too. Alas. Here’s a larger version for those of you who need this salient fact of Internet reality rubbed into your face even harder.

I’m off to Denver today; hope you all have a fine Thursday.

And to everyone who’s new and wondering what sort of idiot does something like this: Uh, hello. Feel free to look around the place. And swing by again sometime. I like visitors.

29 Comments on “A Lesson on Teh Intarweebs”

  1. Well, as one of those who wandered here via Fark, I believe you have captured another reader.

    Besides, I showed my husband the bacononacat and he giggled like a little school girl for better part of an hour.

    I await your next avoidance scheme!

  2. YOU DID do what Krissy said….. Didn’t you??? If you didn’t can we see the picture with her and her bat?

    Love the cat with a “side of bacon”

  3. You know I don’t get what the whole kerfuffle over bacon taped to a cat was all about. When I read the entry about your to-do list I got more excited about you getting tough on crime. I was sort of hoping there would be costumes, and flying (either with harnesses or magical powers invovled) bacon taped to a cat is soooo ten minutes ago. New cool thing: SuperScalzi fights crime on the mean streats of smaltown ohio.

  4. Darn it, now I have a dilemma. Do I snag the larger version of Red-Eyed Bacon Cat for my background or keep the recently obtained vintage ad for thorazine that I got via BoingBoing?

    In the end, I think the potential for death rays eminating from a cat in Ohio if I don’t choose the cat will force my hand, even though senile agitation is quite a threat.

  5. Gargleflargle – or whatever your cat’s Welsh name is – must now have representation, I bet.

    You better make sure some vodka company doesn’t pilfer the image and use it to seel booze to cats.

    (I restrained myself from making a crass joke here, but man was it difficult.)

  6. I’m so proud to have been here to witness the Bac-O-Cat.

    The books may have brought me to your site, but Bacon on GargleFargle is what’s gonna keep me comning back.

    **wipes a small tear from left eye**

  7. I’m sure your wife is ecstatic about having her photo posted on that Fark thread. Perhaps one day, she’ll attain the iconic status of “Mustard Man” & “Quizzical Dog.”

  8. Steve,

    Not sure about the rate of feline alcoholism. I’ve met few cats who like beer.

    Dogs, on the other hand are bunch of frigging lushes.

    No, i never gacve beer to a dog. Well, once.

  9. So are you going to blow up the poster and put it over your computer (next to the Campbell, of course)?

  10. Yes, the intarweb is a weird place. I have some articles on my own site that still get a fair amount of attention, but do you know which page gets the most hits month after month after month? Which one I actually have to protect from linking, so I don’t go over my bandwidth limits? A picture of wombat poop. It was one picture in a batch of over a hundred, included because wombats basically poop cubes and I thought that was an amusing little factoid, but it’s pretty much my (or at least my site’s) main claim to fame. Sad, huh? I’m Wombat Poop Man.

  11. Chang

    I’ve been thinking about your post from early this morning about “seeling booze to cats”. You may have inadvertantly hit on something big.

    If we could discover a way to seal cats with booze, think of the savings in kitty litter.

    Please post results if you find success.

  12. No kitty litter problems here. My two cats go in the nosey old lady’s flower beds across the street. One will even trundle over there in the pouring rain.

    That’s better than toilet training in my world.

  13. Hmmm… has it occurred to anyone else that you could probably become successful and famous if you made a line of merchandise featuring bacon on a cat?

  14. I’m one of the apparent few who’ve been reading you BEFORE you were Fark’d. I’ve been reading both your blogs since March.

    I have to say, though, that “the bacon-on-a-cat as legitimate to-do list item” has thoroughly cemented my fondness and admiration for you and your writing, since I also make lists and occasionally pepper them with things off the beaten track.

    Thanks for the motivational poster, and for the very-much-needed cheerup the last two-days’-worth of posts & commentary have given me.

  15. Great poster!

    Do you want to do a higher resolution one capable of being printed to A4/Letter? I’d really like to stick this on my wall in the office!

  16. Following links from “Welcome LOL Trek fans to this “bacon cat”. While it is very funny, I got a tear in my eye because that cat is the spitting image of an old kitty of mine, DC. Yes, that’s short for Damn Cat. *Sniff* She was the sweetest, didn’t live up to her name at all.

  17. Following links from “Welcome LOL Trek fans to this “bacon cat”. While it is very funny, I got a tear in my eye because that cat is the spitting image of an old kitty of mine, DC. Yes, that’s short for Damn Cat. *Sniff* She was the sweetest, didn’t live up to her name at all.

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