In Retrospect, I Suppose It Was Inevitable

Ghlaghghee (the cat what I taped bacon to, for those of you who don’t actually know Bacon Cat’s real name) apparently has her own blog, and relates her side of the story.

No, I didn’t do this. And Ghlaghghee, who is napping here in the room with me, is studiously ignoring the computer screen. Hmmmm.

18 Comments on “In Retrospect, I Suppose It Was Inevitable”

  1. Janiece, “Or it could be a ‘vast right-wing conspiracy!'”

    No doubt started by the bird lobby, supported through funding by the mice and their unholy alliance with the chipmonks.

  2. John,

    I thought you were supposed to be leaving for Denver, not shuddering at Chipmunk tales.

    Enjoy our fair city, by the way – there’s plenty to do here if your schedule isn’t too full with schmoozing.

  3. Not to be too cruel but apparently literary skills don’t run in your family – your cat writes like crap. But then who am I to point fingers, I have them.

  4. The best part of this whole deal (as I just said on my own blog) is that Ghlaghghee’s blog is ranked higher than 98% of the blogs indexed by Technorati.

    (To be honest, I was half afraid that Fark would’ve linked that, too, and I’d find myself ranked lower than the BaconCat…)

  5. Don’t even start with the chipmunks. Man. I could tell you stories.

    Is there bacon involved? Because if there is bacon involved, I think we’ve already heard that story.

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