Pretty Much the Last Thing I’m Going to Say on Bacon and Cats for a While, Honest

I think we’ve tapped the “BaconCat” saga for just about all of its comedy gold at the moment, but I do have to say I find this homage quite amusing (context, for those who need it).

Also, the original post of me taping bacon to my cat was apparently the 4th most linked to blog post on teh intarweebs yesterday. Given the composition of the other top posts in the top five, I think it’s safe to say it confirms what we all already knew, which is that the blosphere is really about politics, tech toys and cats, and will continue to be for as long as it exists.

Whatever also made the top 10 in the Top Blogs. Mmmmm… “A list”-liciousness. Never fear, I’ll be once more rootin’ and snarlin’ with the common blog trolls soon enough. There’s only so much I’m willing to humiliate my pets for online popularity, and anyway, right now I’m in Denver, so they’re not readily available. Nor is bacon, for that matter, although I suppose room service could take care of that.

Anyway, if you’re just here for the Adventures of BaconCat, it’s time to move on, and thanks for coming. We’re going back our regular scheduled programming of whatever the hell it is I do around here when I’m not in possession of meat and cats. I can’t remember, but I think it involves graphic decriptions of my enjoyment of cheese. Yes, that’s it precisely.

10 Comments on “Pretty Much the Last Thing I’m Going to Say on Bacon and Cats for a While, Honest”

  1. Denver sucks. Go to Colorado Springs, that’s where the party’s at. Or go south to Trinidad and eat at the all tranny Wafflehouse…anything but a “tech-center” in Denver. Denver just has this way of making you feel like a rump on a butt’s ass. Hell, even Greeley has more to offer then Denver (just not every second Wednesday, they burn the blood from the slaughter-yard every Wednesday and every second Wednesday it coincides with the cleaning of the beet tanks where they make beet sugar and feed….it makes for an interesting smell that should be avoided at all cost. Even with that it is a better place then Denver.)

    I pity you in Denver.

  2. Heh, gotta enjoy the Denver hatin’ here and on the next rock.

    All I’m going to say is that I was more willing to endure 22 months of unemployment than leave Denver (and that more than includes Colorado Springs, where I have, in fact, lived, and absolutely never ever will again). Don’t think I have to say a lot more.

    But de gustibus and all that.

  3. The “Bacon On My Cat” saga makes me glad that nobody famous (i.e. FARK, MeFi, Boingx2, etc.) has yet to go around posting anything of mine all around the net to hose my bandwidth. I find that pretty scary!

  4. Well, Cheese, sure. But what about the Pimpage? Ahhh, the book pimpage, I mean.
    I’m still waiting to find out the name of the book you were raving about that you were unwilling to rave about by name. The one you were almost forced to chop your hand off to put down in order to stop reading? Yes, that one.
    Do tell.

  5. I have only one thing to say, and it isn’t even mine (I never have original thoughts). Charlie Stross, in Accelerando:

    A religious college in Cairo is considering issues of nanotechnology: If replicators are used to prepare a copy of a strip of bacon, right down to the molecular level, but without it ever being part of a pig, how is it to be treated?


    “Happy fucking birthday, then.” The cat yawns, convincingly realistic. “Here’s your dad’s present. Bastard put me in hibernation and sent me along to show you how to work it. You take my advice, you’ll trash the fucker. No good will come of it.”

  6. Isn’t it nice that when you search for Bacon on Cat on Google, the first two links are to your site and almost the rest of the page links to commentary about your site? It’s like searching for “Old Man’s War,” except the first link there goes to Amazon. :-)

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