Local Newspaper Love

Look: An article about me in the Greenville Daily Advocate, the local newspaper of Darke County, which is where I live. The article actually ran first in the Piqua Daily Call, which is the local newspaper of the city two towns over, but both the Advocate and the Call are owned by the same publishing company, so they share a newswire. The story was on the front page of the Piqua paper, which was nice; don’t know where it was located in the Greenville paper, since I haven’t seen a physical copy yet.

I think the article is very nice, although I would like to note that the opening sentence makes it sound like writing was my desperate refuge in a world gone wrong: “For author John Scalzi, writing was easy in a world where he found everything else so difficult.” In reality it was not so dramatic; it was just that writing seemed pretty easy and everything else was, well, you know, work. And I’m lazy. What are you going to do.

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  1. I find everything is work except for making music, watching TV and reading. It’s just that I liek the work involved in some of those things.

    Eating pie is not work. And the pie in the fridge calls… I hear and I obey, my cherry master.

  2. In February, “The Ghost Brigades,” the much-anticipated sequel to “Old Man’s War,” will be being released.
    “Will be being”? Really?

    Also, I hope no one finds out that I managed to get an advance copy from my bookstore.

  3. But Scalzi’s rise in the arena of science fiction started light years ago

    No doubt when you made the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs… ;-)

  4. Wow, your daughter’s winning awards for her writing, too? That’s awesome! Congrats on your “not a Hugo” as well.

  5. Nice profile — but I’m guessing the reporter who wrote it isn’t a fan herself, or is now yelling at the editor who introduced all those hokey “out of this world” and “light-years ago” jokes.

  6. That’s why I love working in radio: it’s not really work. I sit on my butt, push buttons and talk once in a while. Before they put in those pesky security measures I could even surf for midget porn, but alas not all jobs can be perfect these days.

  7. Strangely, the file sizes of midget porn are the same as for non-midget porn. I attribute this to either be because the midgets are involved with non-midgets on film.

    Either that, or midgets ‘love’ a LOT.

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