The Other Cats Can Be So Cruel


Lopsided Cat, having a good laugh over Ghlaghghee’s recent online adventures.

20 Comments on “The Other Cats Can Be So Cruel”

  1. “What’s that thing in the background? Some kind of alien creature?”

    “It’s a chew toy for the dog.”

    That doesn’t really answer the question. It could be both an alien and a chew toy.

    Come clean, Scalzi!

  2. To be honest, I was wondering if it was a porcupine with a gland problem.

    Though, to be honest, my kitty occasionally does that, too, with this great melodromatic hiss. Only over the really important political issues, like picking her up when it wasn’t my duty to pick her up, or scratching the wrong spot. Come to think of it, when I really screw up, that’s when she chews on my nose.

  3. PNH, where are you with those hobnailed boots?

    He’s been partying in Montreal. It was one hell of a party, let me tell you.

  4. To paraphrase madam ann, That cat is waiting for a chance to eat your face, make sure it’s saucer is full before you fall asleep.

  5. You know, I feel sorry for (cut+paste) “Ghlaghghee”. Not because of the bacon-taping, or because of the proof positive that “yes, my owner is indeed insane,” but because now everyone on the Internet thinks of her as “Bacon Cat” instead of “that cat whose name I can neither spell nor pronounce.”
    So, er, how *do* you pronounce “Ghlaghghee”? (Whenever I try it sounds like I’m gargling or, perhaps, choking. Or coughing up a hairball. “Bacon Cat” seems easier, if less accurate.)

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