New Look 9/19/06

To celebrate finishing The Last Colony, I’ve gone ahead and given the Whatever a visual refresh. If you don’t see it immediately, hit refresh a couple of times and you’ll see it.

The funny thing is, I’ve got about a dozen of these sorts of announcements in the archives, and outside their immediate context none of them make sense. Welcome to the crazy world of blogs.

Avast! Here Be a Scurvy Lass


Athena, apparently eager on Talk Like a Pirate Day to replicate the visage of a scurvy-afflicted 17th century sailor, went and lost two teeth today, one on top and one on bottom, the latter coming out after she went to bed and the previous tooth had been nabbed by the “tooth fairy” (while Athena was still awake, how sneaky is that). The tooth fairy’s lookin’ for a Hamilton now, since the current tooth bounty is $4, and you gotta figure there’s a $2 bonus in a two tooth day.

The Last Colony — Done!

That’s a wrap.

91, 250 words. More or less.

And for once, I didn’t finish a book at the end of a 36-hour writing binge. I must be getting more disciplined. Or something.

Finished at 4:19, so all of you making bets in the previous thread, there’s your magic number.

Off to tell Patrick.

TLC Final Push

It’s begun. No more updates here until it’s over. Hopefully not more than a day. Talk amongst yourselves until then.