New Look 9/19/06

To celebrate finishing The Last Colony, I’ve gone ahead and given the Whatever a visual refresh. If you don’t see it immediately, hit refresh a couple of times and you’ll see it.

The funny thing is, I’ve got about a dozen of these sorts of announcements in the archives, and outside their immediate context none of them make sense. Welcome to the crazy world of blogs.

19 Comments on “New Look 9/19/06”

  1. Of course, to really play with peoples heads, tell them you changed it (“you may need to refresh a few times”)… but don’t :)

  2. Pretty . . . but I really liked the nerdy stuff. How about you make the fruits line up to make a constellation, because, you know, it’s all about me and what I want to look at.

  3. Well, as you know, Wil, I live my life by the acronym WWWWW? — What Would Wil Wheaton Want? I am proud to say it has never once led me astray.

    However, I’m still keeping the new background. Because I’m lazy, you see.

  4. Very pretty, but I too miss the constellations.

    But as I have far less pull than Wil Wheaton, I’ll just say: Thanks, John, now I’m craving cherry pie. The kind that’ll kill ya. And some damn good coffee, and hot.

  5. I take it these crabapple trees are situated somewhere on your vast expanse of land, no?

    Nice pics, especially the tight focus shot at the top…

  6. I’m a city girl. What do I know from crabapples?

    (Man, do I need to spend more time in nature or what?)

    The top picture really looks like cherries to me, so I just assumed. Obviously. Oops!

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