Hugo Chavez Had It Wrong


I am the devil! George Bush is, at best, an imp.

Yeah, I’m letting off some post-novel steam. Why do you ask?

I have to say, there’s something about my head that makes it particularly good for turning into your basic Photoshop devil. Personally I think it’s all about the eyebrows. In day to day life my eyebrows are, at best, unremarkable, but when required they are capable of Nicholson-like arching. I’ll note that the shape of the eyebrows above has not been Photoshopped in any way. That’s all me, baby.

What I’m particularly proud of is that I did this Photoshoppery after I finished my novel, not before, thus avoiding the dread “how’s the book coming along?” questions that would inevitably ensue. The book is done, damn you! And what I say damn you, clearly, I mean it.

Ironically, I did a photo shoot today for a magazine article. None of those pictures look like this one. So far as I know.

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  1. Perhaps your head’s tendency to make good fodder for photo-shop devilry has to do with the lack of hair where the horns would traditionally go.

    Just sayin’…

  2. “Ironically, I did a photo shoot today for a magazine article. None of those pictures look like this one. So far as I know.”

    Perhaps the camera captured your true essence?

  3. I think Janiece is onto something, it’s the large open canvas above the eyebrows and before the hairline that helps :)

    Yeah yeah, damn me anyway, won’t change where I’m going.

    Took the nieces and nephews to a local museum where they have a 360 degree curved mirror. I stood up inside and wondered who that guy was with the INCREADABLY LARGE monks cap/bald spot in there with me. D’oh!

  4. I have to go to a photo shoot tomorrow for one of the stations that I work for. I seriously hope the photos come out looking like this one.

    …personally, I don’t know the facination of photographing people in radio. Most of us have “a face for radio,” ifyouknowwhatImean. We’re in radio because we’d make televisions cry.

  5. Just saw this this on Overheardinnewyork.

    Maybe Scalzi can help.

    Not-So-Christian Scientists

    Son: Is there anything we can do to get Buffy back?
    Mom: Well, we could join together in prayer.
    Son: Uh huh. Is there anything useful we can do?
    Mom: No.

    –3 train

  6. Chang, are you kidding? The ‘shop (as really no one calls it) can whiten teeth (and add teeth), brighten eyes, fill in hair, remove zits, trim guts, enlarge boobs, smooth buttocks… We can make you beautiful, darling! Hell, yeah. ]}:-P

  7. Jeff, I thought that was what happened when you bought a copy of TGB. Now you’re telling me it’s all photoshopped?

  8. “Hard to take you serious as the Devil with that darn twinkle in your eye.”

    I spent a while figuring what they might be, as they don’t look like normal twinkles. I was thinking tiny white skulls would be cool “twinkles.”

  9. Easy mistake, Cassie. Actually, it’s Adobe InDesign — Photoshop’s sister application — that has the Enhance Science Fiction Novel plug-in. Different means to the same ends, though.

  10. who says the devil has no sense of humour? that’s the real reason for the fall of Lucifer. he just thought everything was too damned funny. it’s GOD who has no sense of humour. JS makes a perfect conduit for the devil.

  11. You’re the devil? Pshaw! How many people have you tortured and murdered anyway? When you’ve killed half a million Iraqis and a few hundred thousand miscellaneous others and run multiple concentration camps come back and your application for diabolicalness will be considered. Alternately, maybe you could get Chavez to hold “The Old Man’s War” instead of Chomsky next time he denounces someone as the devil. That’d be fairly evil.

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