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Publishers Weekly on The Android’s Dream

The first review of The Android’s Dream comes from industry bible Publishers Weekly, and it’s good. They call it a “swashbuckling satire of interstellar diplomacy” and say “With plenty of alien gore to satisfy fans of military SF and inventive jabs at pretend patriotism and self-serving civil service, Scalzi delivers an effervescent but intelligent romp.” […]

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Deliver Me From Temptation, Temptation Being Amazon

Dear Authors, It has come to my attention that Amazon, the leading online bookseller, is now allowing comments on individual product reviews, including reviews of books (and therefore, your books). This means that now, finally, you can correct the views of all those poor unfortunates who gave your book less than the four or five […]

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Linky McLinkerson

Want some links to pursue? Sure you do. Here are some links I thought would be interesting/people have recently begged me to pimp/I’ve been paid big money for: * The megafabulous Justine Larbalestier — who finished the third book in her series just before I finished mine — has an interesting interview with author John […]

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