Daily Archives: September 25, 2006

TAD Review at SFReviews.net

I noted the Publishers Weekly review first, but it’s not out yet, so this is the first review of The Android’s Dream that is publicly readable in full. And it says nice things about the book: The Android’s Dream reads something like an SFnal James Bond spoof by way of South Park. Scalzi isn’t exploring […]

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The Old Media Toilers Help Themselves to a Heaping Slice of Schadenfreude Pie

You can just about sense the delight dripping off the words of this article from the Boston Herald: “Publishers say few hits on blog books”. Apparently all those bloggers out there have been striking out when it comes to turning their blog celebrity into book celebrity, or at best hitting singles when they should have […]

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John M. Ford

Oh, dear. Science fiction writer Mike Ford has died. Making Light has more details. I’d met Mike Ford on a number of occasions and had a panel with him at the most recent Boskone; we were friendly and he was a good friend to a number of my good friends in SF. I admire his […]

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