Daily Archives: October 4, 2006

Wednesday Author Interview: Mark Budz

Make your bid for The Last Colony, to benefit the John M. Ford Book Endowment. Learn more! My Wednesday Author Interview is up over at By the Way: This week it’s Mark Budz, author of the highly praised science fiction novel Idolon. I had a signing session with Mark during Worldcon this year; he’s a […]

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A Significant Event in the “Last Colony” Auction

As those of you who are participating in the Last Colony auction know, one of the rules I’ve set for the auction is that no bid can exceed a previous bid by more than $20. The reason for this is simple: This keeps the fakers from bidding up the price to unreasonable levels they never […]

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Mark Foley’s Upcoming Personal Disclosures

While I don’t wish to appear unsympathetic to the plight of former representative Mark Foley, who I hope receives all the counseling and care he needs, I can’t help but notice that Foley’s now-daily disclosures of terrible personal secrets, genuine as they may be, also look very much like the performance of a politician dramatically […]

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