Wednesday Author Interview: Mark Budz

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My Wednesday Author Interview is up over at By the Way: This week it’s Mark Budz, author of the highly praised science fiction novel Idolon. I had a signing session with Mark during Worldcon this year; he’s a great guy and a damn fine author. Enjoy the interview.

I’ve done enough of these interviews now that I should make an link archive of them somewhere, so that people who are interested in them can find a quick way to link to them. I’ll add this to the agenda.

6 Comments on “Wednesday Author Interview: Mark Budz”

  1. I read that interview and all I can say is, I want that electric skin. IwantitIwantitIwantit! Now. With a vengence.

    I would soooo be all, like, houndstooth check for job interviews, Hello Kitty/Aeon Flux mashup manga for the weekends, and maybe some Flickr streaming slideshows for everyday wear…or hey, flying toasters!

    Mmmmm…scifi shiny.

  2. Check out “Sister Hazel”, this one is actually a future release…they have an album out already; but, next release is 10/17. You can check out the music at:

    I kinda dig mellow/classical/alternative rock and these guys fit most of those categories. If you like Dave Matthews Band mixed w/ Nickelback, etc…try it out!

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