Gaaaaaah: An Open Thread

My internet connection is not playing nice today, and I have too many other things to do today to spend a lot of time on it. So, here, have an open thread. To get the conversation rolling, consider one (or both) of these two topics:

1. Should there be a corollary to Godwin’s Law that says that whenever a Republican apparatchik brings up Clinton to excuse/justify/distract from whatever damn fool thing the GOP is doing, that they’ve lost the debate?

2. Tell me what good new music you’re listening to, “new” being “come out since January 1, 2006.” If you find yourself typing “Well, this came out before 2006, but…” or some variation thereof, please self-administer a tasering. New music, people.

I’m listening to the new Jet album myself. It’s pretty good so far.

You can also talk about other things too. That’s why it’s an “open thread.”

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