Quick Auction Update; Answering “Sagan” Questions

Bill Schafer forwarded me a note from the Minneapolis Public Library thanking him for his $5,000 contribution to the John M. Ford Book Endowment, and with that every bit of the auction for The Last Colony is taken care of: Book sent, bills paid, done. So, one last time, I want to thank Bill for his bid, and everyone else for bidding and helping to raise awareness of the Ford Book Endowment. I think we did some good.

Apropos to “The Sagan Diary,” and in particular the signed, limited edition with the purchaser’s names in the book as members of the 3rd Platoon, Company D, there have been a couple of questions. The first is whether someone buying the book could put someone else’s name in there, with the idea being that they’d use the book as a distinctive gift. The answer is that generally this shouldn’t be a problem; just drop a note to Subterranean while you’re ordering about who you want to have listed, and they’ll hook you up. In fact, I recommend this. What lovely gifts for friends, family, and your entire department at work!

Which leads to the next question: All the folks listed are supposed to be members of 3rd Platoon, Company D, but what happens if we end up with more people listed than who are normally in a platoon? Well, in fact, that’s already happened: A platoon is usually 30-40 soldiers, and we’ve gotten more pre-orders than that so far. The solution is pretty simple: Instead of commemorating, 3rd Platoon, Company D, we’ll now be commemorating Company D, of the CDF 23rd Infantry Battalion. And if we have to bump it up after that, we’ll simply commemorate the fightin’ 23rd. And if we have to commemorate a military unit higher than that, well, I imagine I’ll be making a down payment on that Mustang I’ve had my eye on.

Needless to say, I’m delighted we’re already up past platoon strength and are filling up company strength pretty handily. I’m working to make sure it’s worth your investment. Also, I know my wife will hurt me if I mess this up, on account that Jane is her favorite character of mine. So that’s extra incentive for me to get it right. The point is, I think you’ll enjoy getting into Jane Sagan’s head.


Eternal Spamnation

As an FYI for everyone, the amount of comment spammage this site gets appears to be on the rise over the last couple of weeks. Sometimes I catch it before you notice it, sometimes I don’t. However, if I don’t catch it before you’re aware of it, don’t feel that you need to alert me about it; I spend a fair portion of the day staring at the site, and I will catch it. If I’m not cleaning it up immediately, it means I’m away from the computer (usually in the form of sleeping, traveling or having a life that doesn’t involve sitting and typing), and you sending me an e-mail about it won’t make the spam disappear any more quickly. I do appreciate the thought, however.

Also vaguely related: If you’ve accidentally made a double post in comments, it’s not necessary to add a post apologizing for double posting. I usually go through and delete one of the double posts (usually the earlier one), so when I do that I also have to delete the post apologizing for the double post, since the double post no longer exists and therefore the post apologizing for it is just confusing. Basically, you’re just making more work for me. Although again I appreciate the impulse to be polite. Thanks.

Since I know someone will ask, adding a post identifying yourself after you’ve accidentally posted anonymously is just fine.

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