Daily Archives: October 17, 2006

Posing For the Cover of Her First Punk Rock Album

Athena’s reaction to this picture when she saw it, incidentally: “Good one. You should post it.” It’s terrifying how well she knows me. I think I’ll make a t-shirt out of that picture. Then Athena can wear it to school and give her teachers a heart attack. That would be cool. For those of you […]

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The (Hopefully) Endless Cycle

A package arrived today that fairly sums up my creative life: Two finished copies of The Android’s Dream and the copy edit of The Last Colony. Android is done and presumably soon to be winging its way to all y’all in the stores; The Last Colony I need to look over and make sure I […]

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What I’m Up Against

I made a mention a few days ago about the amount of comment spam I get, and I thought you might enjoy some numbers: In the last week, the Whatever received 4,760 pieces of comment spam, as of about 6:20am this morning. I know this because I deleted them all from the junk folder today, […]

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