Daily Archives: October 18, 2006

Instabounce: Still Working

See, this is why I keep telling people that Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds is the secret king of online bookselling: He mentions that he received The Android’s Dream — just that it’s arrived in the mail, mind you — and the Amazon ranking shoots up to 1500 (or so) in three hours. Boing, there it goes. […]

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Wednesday Author Interview: Cherie Priest

Hey, if you’re not doing anything (and you’re not, otherwise why would you be here?), you should click through and catch this week’s Author Interview of the fabulous Cherie Priest, whose equally fabulous new novel Wings to the Kingdom officially hit the stores yesterday. I read it in galley — because I’m just that privileged […]

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An Interesting New Wrinkle in the Ohio Governor’s Race

It seems that someone is challenging the residency of Ted Strickland, the Democratic candidate for the Governor’s seat here in Ohio. Apparently Strickland has more than one residence, one in Lisbon (Ohio) and one in Columbus, and he votes in Lisbon; however, the complaint says that Columbus is his real address, so he should be […]

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