Wednesday Author Interview: Cherie Priest

Hey, if you’re not doing anything (and you’re not, otherwise why would you be here?), you should click through and catch this week’s Author Interview of the fabulous Cherie Priest, whose equally fabulous new novel Wings to the Kingdom officially hit the stores yesterday. I read it in galley — because I’m just that privileged — and I loved it; also, I’ve got Teh M4jur Crush00r on Eden Moore, Cherie’s heroine, and not just because my internal casting director has slotted Rosario Dawson into that role, although that doesn’t hurt. Mmmmm… Rosario Dawson.

In any event, check out the interview, because Cherie’s awesome and you want to get next to that awesomeness in your life. Also remember that Cherie and Subterranean Press are serializing Cherie’s novella “The Wreck of the Mary Byrd” online. Because you want to get next to that awesomeness, too.

Author Interviews coming in the next few weeks (in no particular order): Catherynne M. Valente, Sarah Hoyt, Karen Traviss, Charles Stross and Sean Williams. After that things are getting thin, so, authors, if you have books coming out in the the next four months or so, let me know (this is includes the authors who have already pinged me before but who I may have forgetten about. I guess the Mad Cow Disease is finally getting to me). You don’t have to be a science fiction/fantasy author, either; I’d love to have folks from other genres, including non-fiction, participate.

24 Comments on “Wednesday Author Interview: Cherie Priest”

  1. Yay, Cherie!

    I meant to hit the bookstore last night, but will definitely pick it up tonight…

  2. Yay, Cherie!

    I meant to hit the bookstore last night, but will definitely pick it up tonight…

  3. How dare you say that about my fictional crush! Sir, I will meet you on the fictional field of honor!

    (slaps Jonathan Moeller with a fictional glove)

  4. I couldn’t remember when it was coming out, but that excerpt of Wings to the Kingdom (I must have found the link here, some time back) was enough to make me finally ask about it at the bookstore this weekend. So Third Place Books in Seattle only had 2 copies coming in, and I’ve got them holding one of them for me. Neener. I was totally hooked by that chapter, and I can’t wait to read the book.