Thank You Shelley Eshkar

Got my Big Box O’ Author Copies of TAD today, which makes me happy. But as I was admiring the box, I remembered that I forgot to do something, which was to thank cover artist Shelley Eshkar in the acknowledgements. I’ll correct this in time for the paperback release, but in the interim, let me just say that I think Shelley Eshkar’s cover makes the book. When I was chatting about the cover to Tor art director Irene Gallo, I remember saying that I hoped the book would have a cover that communicated the quirkiness of the book itself, and I think Eshkar totally hit that right out of the park. I wouldn’t have imagined this as the cover, but once I saw it I knew it was right.

So thank you, Shelley Eshkar. Every author should have a cover that fits their book so well.

15 Comments on “Thank You Shelley Eshkar”

  1. Wow. That’s a whole lot of TAD. I can’t wait to get my copy from my local bookstore!

    I love the cover. The tip o’ the helmet to to PKD, and the overall look is great. Soothing, but quirky and funny.

  2. I’m only buying this to look trendy on the subway. The insides I’m going to hollow out and use to hold my pocket calculator.

    Then I’ll have a free pocket for whiskey.

  3. Good thing Shelley didn’t got past the first chapter, or you know, the dream/thought bubbles might have come out the other end. :)

    But, yeah, that’s a great cover. Love the play with depth and high-key/low-key solution. And even better news, John, is that you’re now such a recognized name that it has more visual presence than the title of the book. (of course I can only go by the pictures you’ve posted, not having one of the real thing in front of me, sigh).

  4. “didn’t got past” sheesh. Too many windows. Can you tell I’m composing, maybe that’s actually composting now?

    Good thing she got past the first chapter.

  5. panoptican – I got to the arch, turned and drained it. My forearm hurts from holding the phone to tight. She said this and that and I listened. Then I collapsed onto the ground.

    hey, i just got a big ‘ol box o tad today too! tad being code for death. death everywhere!

    i too would like to thank shelley. the cover is brilliant.

  6. Will TAD be available as an e-book? I just picked up a Sony Reader, and I’d hate to spurn it by immediately buying an archeograph.

    My apologies if the question’s been asked and answered before.

  7. That’s a shame, but it won’t keep me from buying a copy. Do you have any input over publishing decisions like that?

  8. Not really, unless I have control of the digital rights, which sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. In the case of TAD, I don’t.

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