What? No Politics?

From the e-mail:

It’s been a week since you’ve written about politics! Are you not feeling well?

Heh. First: I feel fine, thanks.

Second: I haven’t been writing about politics because for the last week or so I don’t think I have anything particularly constructive to add to the conversation, so anything I’d write here would just end up looking like a smeary mimeograph of DailyKos or Atrios, and I don’t want that for myself.

Third: Honestly, at this point, what can one add? I mean, when President Bush is soft-lobbing himself up into the air to be viciously spiked, as he did over the weekend with his “We’ve never been ‘stay the course'” idiocy, I find myself at a loss for words. It’s like kicking a vomiting dog, you know? Crap like that makes me pity George Bush, which is a wholly unearned emotion on his part.

What I really want is what I generally really want at this point of any election cycle: For the election to be over, so I know where we all stand with our politics for the next couple of years. I just want it to be done, and that brings with it an almost aggressive apathy regarding all the little twists and turns of the campaigns. This is not the same as saying I am apathetic about voting. You better believe I’m going to vote. It’s just that everything else at this point makes me want to crawl into my office and do nothing but play video games between now and November 8th.

This is a known aspect of my personal pathology, so I don’t find it problematic. I do suspect it means I’ll not actually run for public office, however, since if I get this way about other people’s campaigns, just imagine how I’d get about my own; I’d spend the last two weeks on a campaign hiding in my room, and that’s just no damn good.

Now, it’s entirely possible that something in politics will attract my attention between now and election day, and then I’ll write about it. But if it doesn’t and I don’t, it’s not that politics isn’t worth commenting about, it’s just me want to distract myself from thinking about every single moment of the day for the next two weeks. I do hope you’ll understand.


SCI FI Interview re: Android’s Dream

The industrious John Joseph Adams has interviewed me about Android’s Dream, in which I talk about how Carl Hiaasen and Elmore Leonard were touchstones for the book. The interview is here.

Unrelated: The University of Chicago has the best business school in the country, according to Business Week. Go U of C!

Yes, yes. Look, everyone else in the country can get excited if their stupid college football team is doing well. Excuse me for being excited about my university being recognized for actually teaching people.

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