Black and White

Two Halloween-themed pictures of Athena for you, which, if nothing else, confirm the fact that when I’m not interested in writing I go for the Photoshop action, and that Halloween is a fun excuse to make pictures that are creepy and pictures that are cute:

I like them both, although I have to say the top one creeps me out a little. Which is why I put the bottom one in there. Kind of evens things out.

You’ve Been Reaped! Adorably!

I’ve got nothing for you today — really, all day long thinking has been just like trying to sprint through molasses — so here’s a picture of Athena as the Grim Reaper, in front of, oh, I don’t know, Mount Doom:

I had an even better one of her in front of a Hieronymus Bosch tapestry, but she didn’t like it and exercised her veto power. So you get this one. It’s still pretty darn cute.

Oh, yes: Open thread. Enjoy yourselves as only you know how.