Black and White

Two Halloween-themed pictures of Athena for you, which, if nothing else, confirm the fact that when I’m not interested in writing I go for the Photoshop action, and that Halloween is a fun excuse to make pictures that are creepy and pictures that are cute:

I like them both, although I have to say the top one creeps me out a little. Which is why I put the bottom one in there. Kind of evens things out.

11 Comments on “Black and White”

  1. It’s the eyelessness that causes the creepy! She looks like the cover of a Charles de Lint novel, or a Brian Froud picture…

  2. Yes, Art Gallery Cage Match: Dave McKean v. Andrew Wyeth. I smell blood and linseed oil.
    You’re pretty good with the pixels, Scalzi. Looks like the start of a really cool picture book. So… keep going…

  3. Yeessh. Glad I saw teh hawt shoulder-baring picture of Krissy first. Does Athena like those pictures? I think Lil’ Changette would cry tears of sadness when Daddy made her into a wee ghoul.

    The bottom one makes her look as if she is made of porcelain. Also creepy, just more subtle.

  4. And don’t forget to either hang those linseed oil rags out so that they dry quickly and safely, or drown them in the water tub.

    I haven’t been a long time reader, but I’ve think of all the photos of Athena you’ve posted recently, she’s always been on the right-hand side of the frame. Is there some rational for such?