You’ve Been Reaped! Adorably!

I’ve got nothing for you today — really, all day long thinking has been just like trying to sprint through molasses — so here’s a picture of Athena as the Grim Reaper, in front of, oh, I don’t know, Mount Doom:

I had an even better one of her in front of a Hieronymus Bosch tapestry, but she didn’t like it and exercised her veto power. So you get this one. It’s still pretty darn cute.

Oh, yes: Open thread. Enjoy yourselves as only you know how.

15 Comments on “You’ve Been Reaped! Adorably!”

  1. How can you not like Bosch? I mean, scissors with ears and legs, bird people, fish people, people buildings, fabulous and excellent stuff. Of course, she has the scythe so game over.

  2. As much as I support our gay brothers and sisters – having had one of the first lesbian weddings in our backyard (those dykes DRINK!) – I was getting tired of the fellas macking it up in celebration. Even though I support their right to do so.

    Been a slow day here, too. Lil’ Changette was sick, but not so sick we couldn’t spend the AM watching kitten videos on youtube. Real kitten videos not the other kind.

    Athena looks great in her outfit! She’s almost as cute as Death! Lil’ Changette is going as a devil. She’s been taunting the boys by wearing the headband for the outfit with her wee horns. Just like her mother.

    Me, I’ve been making posters and writing. And trying to suss out what my nanomachines would do.

    What would your nanomachines do? Mine poop metal!

  3. Please tell Athena we’re begging to see the Bosch version. Maybe she’ll take pity on us.

    As to Chang’s nanomachines. I’d be ambivalent about primary function, but if they won’t do dishes and windows, the hell with them.

  4. My nanomachines would roam the house and remove particles of dust and dirt. But they would stay away from potting soil.

  5. Hey Scalzatians ™:

    Since this is open-thread Thursday, I thought I’d post a recent primer on the mechanics of a non-fiction book deal.

    Mind you, this is the way I personally kick it in the publishing schnizzle, and YMMV depending on genre and publisher.



  6. My nanomachines would stay crunchy in milk! Oh yes, they certainly would. Mmmm, crunchy nanomachines in millllllk…

  7. Nanomachines that clean? Yes, please. I’ll have another.
    We’ve gotten a new member in our household recently who sheds. I’d like the Hooverite Nanomachine Super Deluxe SuckerUpper, if you please.

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