Daily Archives: October 30, 2006

The Occam’s Razor Theory of Literary Rejection

Nick Mamatas, who apparently has some preternatural sense when it comes to finding interesting characters online, points us to an aspiring writer who is apparently having difficulty selling his work to publishers, and has come up with a theory to explain his lack of success: There’s a conspiracy in publishing against men — fomented, of […]

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TAD Photo Fun

People sending of their Android’s Dream photos: Android photographed at everyone’s favorite amusement park: Radium Land! Android: The choice of discerning cats everywhere. Discerning cats with messy desks, too. Android has had a hard day. Now it’s time for sleep. Thanks Roger, Terry and Matthew! Also, someone sent me another infinite repeating TAD picture, but […]

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Computer and Steve Brust Geekery

For those of you who were wondering what I was doing with myself yesterday instead of hanging out with all y’all online: I went shopping. Specifically, I went shopping for computer parts, because I had finally settled on what I wanted to do with my PC computing life and I drove down to CompUSA (which, […]

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