Don’t Fear The Reaper


Happy Halloween, everyone.

The Most Unintentionally Funny Bit of Political Spittle Flinging You’ll Read All Day

It’s here, via the Fredricksburg Free Lance-Star. It’s pretty much exactly like your angry conservative uncle four-fifths of the way through a bottle of Maker’s Mark. This fellow was apparently director of foreign-policy speechwriting at the White House from October 2003 to July 2005, which means it’s possible he’s the genius behind the “Stay the Course” turn of phrase. If so, well. Heckuva job, there, Burgess. Heck of a job.

This Picture Has Got Everything You Need, or, Hey! My Book is Out!

Look! A copy of The Android’s Dream AND Bacon taped to a cat! It doesn’t get any better than that.


Christian sent this in. I think Christian had probably better sleep with his head under the covers tonight; that cat does not look altogether pleased.

In other news, it is now Halloween, October 31, 2006, which means that The Android’s Dream is now officially and irrevocably out! Yes, yes, go down to your local purveyor of fine readables and request — nay, demand — your very own copy. I have it on good authority that the first printing of this particular book is my largest so far, so no longer will you have to shove, fight and eyegouge to get your own copy. There is plenty for all. And if there isn’t plenty for all, you’ll have made my publisher very happy while they crank out a second printing. And you’ll have paid for Athena’s college education, provided she goes somewhere in state, and she doesn’t go to Oberlin. We’ll need four printings for that.

Actually, here’s the cool thing about The Android’s Dream for me, other than, you know, the fact I really like this book and I think it’s the most fun book I’ve written so far: The book has already earned out its advance. This happened because the book was part of the two book deal I got when Tor bought Old Man’s War; OMW was the first book, and this was the second. The way the contract was structured, I wouldn’t start collecting royalties on either book until the advances for both books were earned out. But, apparently, I could earn out both advances from what I made off OMW, and that’s what happened. So with Android, I earn royalties from the very first book sold.

In other words, this book is nothing but pure profit for me. That’s a nice place for an author to be with a book. So, naturally, I hope the book is freakin’ huge. Of course, thanks to six-month royalty cycles and reserves against returns and so on and so forth, I’m not actually likely to see royalties from this until sometime next year or so. But it’s the thought that counts, at least until the checks arrive.

More seriously, I hope you guys enjoy this book. It’s different from the “Old Man” books — a bit looser, absurd but not surreal, and with a lot more attitude. It’s closer to the voice I use around here, actually. I’m really excited to share it with you. I hope you’ll let me know what you think of it.