Pale Autumn


Taken this morning while the frost was still on the ground. I think it gives the grass and fields a really interesting color, especially when contracted with the foliage. You can see a larger version here, which adds in more background; that one pretty much fully captures my rustic, pastoral living situation.

Welcome to November, everyone.

6 Comments on “Pale Autumn”

  1. That wouldn’t be the only thing blue. :) I’m talking about toes.

    We in the NE corner have already had snow that’s stuck around for a few hours (and in some places it stayed over a day).

  2. I take it you haven’t had to rake leaves yet? Sometimes that’ll make a guy look at nature differently – like a pain in the neck.

  3. I don’t have enough trees to make it a chore, and anyway, the wind around here is strong enough that all the leaves eventually blow away — into the neighboring field, so it’s not like it’s somebody else’s raking problem.

  4. See, now that’s what we don’t have in California-
    fields and foliage Legally Obligated to be
    pretty and complementary. But what would happen if that contract should lapse; or one of those elements goes on strike?

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