The Last Colony Cover Art?

I just got an e-mail from someone mentioning that they’d seen the cover art of The Last Colony on and that they’d liked it, and my reaction to that was “qua?” Because I didn’t know such a thing existed. But I went and checked, and sure enough:


Thoughts: First, if you visit the Amazon page, don’t try to order it yet; they’re not even taking pre-orders yet. Second, I suspect this might be a preliminary design, because certain elements on the other covers are not in this one. Third: Ah, look, they put in a Campbell plug. Sweet.

Anyway, there you go. Don’t say I don’t pass on stuff to you.

7 Comments on “The Last Colony Cover Art?”

  1. Wow, that artwork looks strangely like the cover art for a couple of Orson Scott Card’s Ender books. Same artist?

  2. Didn’t you post the cover art picture a while back? I swear I’ve seen this picture before.

    Ack! Maybe I’m just going nuts.

  3. On this subject: Saw in the library today the latest edition of Spectrum (#13): The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. It collects the contents of an annual exhibition by the Society of Illustrators. An Asimov’s piece by 2005 Gold medal winner Donato Giancola (OMW hc artist) graces the cover. Inside, John Harris’s cover for TGB is featured as a notable contribution to the field (on pg. 40 to be exact).

  4. I don’t really have anything to contribute here. I’m just following Jeff around to make him nervous and make sure he keeps his grubby over-caffeinated paws off my trash cans.