Daily Archives: November 3, 2006

University of Chicago Magazine Article

My alumni magazine printed up an article on me for its November/December issue; the online version is here. I’m already getting e-mails from fellow U of C folks; fortunately none of them so far have said “Christ, you’ve gotten bald since the last time I saw you.” Although, generally speaking, that would be a true […]

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A Real Live Luke 6:42 Moment for Evangelical Christianity

A conversation here in the Scalzi household this morning: Krissy: So, what’s in the news? Me: The head of the largest evangelical Christian organization in the United States is accused of having a three-year-long adulterous affair with a man whore. (pause) Krissy: I’m sorry. I probably shouldn’t be laughing. Yes, well. Gobsmackingly ironic karmic retribution […]

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